I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

imagePeople from every corner of the USA are watching and waiting with anticipation to see how Donald Trump, as our president, will lead this country. Will he go down in history as a good president or as a bad one? Will he follow through on his promises? Will he bring unity to our nation? Many people who voted for Donald Trump thought Hillary Clinton would ruin the nation, while those who voted for Hillary Clinton thought Donald Trump would be the one to tear this nation down.

In the days following the presidential election, it is interesting to observe the number of people who, on social media outlets, gush and carry on about Trump as if he is the answer to all the problems in this country. It is easy for some to believe that because he is not a politician, Trump will turn America around and will fix all the problems in Washington D.C. Now I am certainly not a political expert, but I have been around long enough to know that no president, no one person, can fix all the problems we have in this country. Sure, folks in the government can lay out good policies or pass good laws that move our country in a positive direction, but presidents (no matter what political party they are affiliated with) will always let us down. Why? Because presidents are sinners and because presidents can’t fix sinners. We are all sinful, fallen people, and the problems in this country and in the entire world are so deeply rooted within us that we can’t simply “fix” them.

And every four or eight years, when another presidential election rolls around and the current president hasn’t fixed all our problems, the country shows its disapproval by electing someone with completely different ideals, strategies, and policies. Presidential elections are a back-and-forth game, a pendulum that swings one way and then the other, as we place our hope in the next guy, thinking that he’ll be the one to make all things right.

john-14-6The problem with putting our hope in a president is that no president will ever bring fulfillment. The president is not the answer to our problems. As with past elected officials, we will all soon see that Trump will never be able to fix our country. He will never bring satisfaction. Christ is the only one who can bring true satisfaction to our dry, thirsty souls. He is the way, the truth, and the life. So let’s pray for our president, share the Gospel, and live out the Gospel in our lives, remembering that our hope lies in Christ alone.


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